Menstrual Cups: A Guide


It is by nature that all women from the age of adolescence get their menstrual periods every once in a month. This happens to normal women except at the time of pregnancy. When that happens it is always good to ensure that as a woman you are taking care of yourself. You need to keep track of your days so you are aware when your periods are about to start. Sometimes it can be very hard especially for women that have irregular periods. You may not be able to predict when exactly the next one may be. So when you are on your menstrual period you do not want to mess all over and so you will find people putting on their menstrual cups or the sanitary towel and the tampons. Basically, you can use what you prefer and feel comfortable with. Menstrual cups is what we will be focusing on in this article. I cannot tell how many women get to use them but I know they are not so popular because people have not yet learned how good they are compared to other solutions. They have been there for a couple of years. There are people who cannot use anything else apart from the menstrual cups, click here!

Now to make it better there are even the Reusable Menstrual Cup. I do not know whether you have heard about them but they are so efficient. Just like the name suggests, the reusable menstrual cups can be used more than ones. You just do not get to share. So what you do is ensure that you buy the right quality. I am insisting on that because if you go for the best reusable menstrual cup you can use even up to five years. You do not have to spend all your money every other month. You can get one even if people tend to think that they are a bit expensive.

You cannot compare the price with the time that they will last you. So you need to insert the cup in a c-shaped way for it to fit it as it is supposed. This should only be done during your menstrual period even if you are just trying for the first time. Then you should practice this for some time so you get to learn and mostly do it at your home because the first time may be challenging. Then take out your reusable menstrual cup after 12 hours and pour the waste in the toilet. Wash it well but do not use soap. Check out this website at for more facts about menstruation.


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